The CharRees vineyard story began in 2007 when Charles & Esma Hill’s visionary dream of owning a vineyard/restaurant became a reality when they bought an established vineyard on the outskirts of Ashburton in January 2007.

The vineyard which was established in 1999 now consists of 4000 Pinot Gris and 3500 Pinot Noir vines, and in 2008, 1800 Riesling plants were planted.

Upon picking our first vintage in 2008 we have now established our own label “CharRees”. The name “CharRees” derives from the owners Christian names Charles & Esma plus daughters, Charlotte and Sheree.

We started our cellar door sales in Dec 2009 with our 2008 vintage. 

We are passionate about producing quality wine as opposed to quantity hence we put a lot of labour of love in the vineyard.

For further information about CharRees Vineyard you can visit our cellar for tasting and sales or contact us for more details